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Sanjib Gupta
    Ph.D. 2002 Title:
    M.S. 1999 Title:
Ethan Deneault
    M.S. 2001 Title:
    Currently: Ph.D. candidate at Clemson University.
George Calhoun Jordan
    M.S. 2001 Title:
    Currently: Ph.D. candidate at Clemson University.
Dale Theiling
    M.S. 2001 Title:
Grant Williams
    Ph.D. 2000 Title: Early-Time Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Error Boxes with the Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System (LOTIS)
    M.S. 1996 Title: Design and Implementation of a VHF Meteor Radar
Ning Luo
    Ph.D. 2000 Title:
Donna Mullenax
    M.S. 1999 Title:
Jeannette M. Myers
    M.S. 1999 Title: The core helium flash in 1.5 Solar mass stars with Z = 0.02 and Z = 0.004.
    Ph.D. 2003 Title:
    Currently: Francis Marion University at Florence, SC.
Peter Milne
    Ph.D. 1998 Title: Type Ia Supernovae & 511 keV Annihilation Radiation
    Currently: Naval Research Laboratory
Cathie Kuester
    M.S. 1998 Title: Cosmic Background Radiation
    Currently: SPARTA Inc.
Tracy Dawn Krishnan
    Ph.D. 1997 Title: Factors affecting the nucleosynthesis of 48Ca
    M.S. 1994 Title: Simple stellar structure models for zero-age main sequence stars
Claudia Robinson
    M.S. 1997 Title:
William Thomas Bridgman
    Ph.D. 1994 Title: Short timescale variability of the hard x-ray flux from Cygnus X-1
    Currently: The Scientific Visualization Studio at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
Ning Luo
    M.S. 1994 Title: Neutrino background from galactic stars
Chris Sanderson
    M.S. 1994 Title: On the plausibility of supernovae as sources of interstellar diamond
Neil G. Schnepf
    M.S. 1994 Title: An estimation of the contribution of pulsars to the diffuse x- ray glow from the galactic plane and the LMC
Kanchana Sethu
    M.S. 1994 Title: Modelling the equatorial ionosphere
Heng Zeng
    M.S. 1994 Title: Accretion disks around black holes
Neil E. Miller. 1993.
    M.S. 1993 Title: The dynamics of galactic globular clusters
Sanjay Guha. 1991.
    M.S. 1991 Title: Titanium isotopes from asymptotic giant branch stars
Mark B. Drucker. 1989.
    M.S. 1989 Title: A mathematical technique for the comparison of synthetic cluster color magnitude diagrams to observed cluster color magnitude diagrams
John T. Isbell
    Ph.D. 1989 Title: Neutrinos in general relativity
Sebastian M. Pascarelle
    M.S. 1989 Title: A technique for dating the ages of intermediate-age star clusters
    Currently: State Univ of New York at Stony Brook Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Jeonghee Rho
    M.S. 1988 Title: Ages and metallicities of young clusters as determined from color-magnitude diagram.
    Currently: Centre D' Etudes Saclay Service D' Astrophysique
Ronald G. Samec
    Ph.D. 1987 Title: Photoelectric photometry of very short period eclipsing binary systems and their light curve solutions
    Currently: Bob Jones Univ. Dept. of Physics
William Clarence Maddox
    Ph.D. 1979 Title: Observations and analyses of four eclipsing binary systems
    M.S. 1976 Title: A period study of the eclipsing binary system RW Tauri
John Charles Zimmerman
    Ph.D. 1976 Title: Exact solutions in general relativistic cosmology
Talmadge Michael Davis
    Ph.D. 1975 Title: On the motion of particles in general relativity
Wayne Eugene Moore
    Ph.D. 1972 Title: Stellar evolution in clusters and galaxies
Robert Frederick Preller
    M.S. 1972 Title: Gravitational radiation and mass-loss

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